How to Change JPG to PDF

PDF is recognized for being the most popular document format for viewing and sharing files. It is cross-platform, which means that it can be run and used on all types of devices, despite the software, hardware, and operating systems. Plus, the style, format, and quality of the file will look the same anywhere, on any device. This makes it ideal for businesses who need to upload, manage and send files daily. Let's find out how to change JPG to PDF using the CocoDoc converter tool.

What's the Difference Between JPG to PDF?

PDF and JPG have their individual uses. If you are working with images, you may prefer one form or another, depending on your requirements.

JPG is the most commonly used image format for saving photos and nonvector images. Its small file size makes it the ideal file format for displaying and sharing images and photographs online. It is the most common file type when downloading business photos from websites that offer free commercial-use stock photos.

PDF is useful for storing images that include vectors, sources, or in usual any documents which have several parts. Due to its good quality and authenticity, PDF is a great format for document viewing and sharing. That's why many businesses and institutions ask for PDF files to be emailed or uploaded to their website.

How to Change JPG to PDF with CocoDoc?

CocoDoc offers an extremely user-friendly, free, online tool which changes JPG to PDF in just a few clicks. With our converter, you can even merge all of your images into one PDF file when processing. This is useful when making booklets or portfolios which require all of your images to be in one file.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide:

  • Go to CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter tool.
  • Upload a JPG image, click on choose file to select your image, or drag and drop it to upload from Google Drive or Dropbox and click on continue.
  • Now your jpg image is converted into PDF format. On the right side of the panel, you can see the download option and the share link option to make this pdf downloadable by anyone with this link.

How to Change JPG to PDF with Smallpdf?

If you are a busy photographer with a huge batch of images that need sharing quickly, there's Smallpdf JPG to PDF converter. With Premium, you can convert as many images in one go. So remember, if you ever want to use text from a photo or let readers download your brochure, Smallpdf is a great solution. While you are on the online tool page, you can highlight and drag as many JPG files into the converter as possible. Smallpdf will change JPG to PDF and combine multiple of these images, in turn creating a PDF file for you. Using the Smallpdf converter is like creating a presentation, you can edit your PDF pages with it, if you find your file size bigger then you can compress it. Also, you can convert your PDF into other file formats like the word. All within a few seconds.

Open the SmallPDF JPG to PDF tool

Batch select your images, upload them, and hit convert. All of your images will be converted in PDF.

What're the Benefits of Using CocoDoc to Change JPG to PDF?

CocoDoc, a free online image converter, allows you to change the format of JPG, PNG, and other images into PDF in no time. CocoDoc is an all-in-one solution for your image processing tasks. It provides features of compress, edit, flip, edit, and rotate the pdf. Also, it can transform pdf to word, number pages, add watermark, and delete pdf pages. If you change JPG to PDF, you get two more benefits — you can compress the PDF file size, so by creating a smaller file size than JPG, the original quality of the file in PDF format will still be protected, which is not the situation with JPG. With SSL encryption, CocoDoc makes sure that your images are protected. CocoDoc provides you a free online solution to convert your image files like JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF into pdf. This converter allows you to convert files from any device and operating system you are using.


If you're working with a group, a supplier, a vendor, or another company, it's still best to consider what they can work with, then pushing for a format type. If you need to convert back to image files from PDF, don't worry we also got you covered! CocoDoc provides you a lot of options to convert your image files into PDF. You can easily merge JPG to PDF with the help of CocoDoc. Use the premium version to get complete access to the CocoDoc image converter. With the premium, you can convert multiple images into PDF in a single time. You can edit, delete, and merge them with any device.