How to Convert JPEG to JPG

If you had any connection with digital images – may it be on social media or your website, or when dealing with photographs – you have definitely heard of JPG files. If you have noticed these file extensions, however, you might have seen them written in many places before. Using JPG or JPEG image files may confuse sometimes. That's why we are here, to let you know about converting these image formats.

What's Different from JPEG to JPG?

Basically, there is no huge difference between JPG and JPEG images. Only the extensions are utilized reciprocally. If both image formats or extensions are, actually, the same, why are there so many extensions then? And why, on the same PC, both .jpg and .jpeg images can be present?

This difference arises from the inefficiency of older Windows versions to support file branches that are different from a three-letter format. While Mac computers and modern Windows PCs can manage files with the .jpeg extension, PCs with an older Windows operating system required the shortened, .jpg extension to open. By now, most image processing programs save JPG files with the .jpg extension on all types of operating systems only to bypass the confusion.

Why do We Need to Convert JPEG to JPG?

JPEG image compression is not appropriate for images with lines and sharp edges. This image format is not able to work with animated graphic images and JPEG images cannot hold layered images. While JPG is a file format that can hold an image with 10:1 to 20:1 lossy image compression method. With the compression method, it can reduce the image size without losing the quality of the image. So it is generally used in web publishing to decrease the image size while maintaining the image quality.

JPG image gives you the portability to be highly compressible, compatible with almost any device and software, which means there is no need to change the format for usage.

How Can We Convert JPEG to JPG in Seconds?

JPEG and JPG are the most commonly used image formats, and many times, the need to convert JPEG to JPG arises. To get the task done, online JPEG to JPG converter and desktop programs can help. Know more about these image formats and the techniques and tools to get the JPEG to JPG conversion done easily.

How to Manually Change JPEG to JPG


  • Open Paint - Search in your apps, it comes pre-installed on your PC.
  • Open your image in Paint - Make sure the image is on your computer. Click the "File" on the left top menu and select "Open."
  • Click "File," then click the arrow next to "Save As" - A list of image types, including JPG, will appear.
  • Click on JPG - Select JPG as a save a type then click on save. Your image will be saved in the destination folder.


  • Open your image with Preview - Preview comes pre-installed on your Mac and will open almost any type of image.
  • Click on the "File" menu and click on "Export" - A section including several options will appear.
  • Change the format - Rename the file as JPG and save.

How to Convert JPEG to JPG with CocoDoc

CocoDoc is a free online JPEG to JPG converter, it allows you to convert the images from all types of format to JPG. CocoDoc is easy to use and secure.

Follow these easy steps to turn a JPG into a PDF file:

  • Step 1: Upload the image to the JPG to PDF converter.
  • Step 2: Use the different settings available to set the letter size, margins, orientation and click on the 'Create PDF' button to convert the file.
  • Step 3: Download the converted PDF file on your device.

The Advantages of Using CocoDoc to Convert

File conversion can be a regular repeating task for graphic designers, and we're very happy to make this thing easier for you. CocoDoc JPEG to JPG converter streamlines the design method for our users as much as possible. As you're converting, you have access to the dashboard with the quantity of the processed files. At any given moment, you can continue to download them in bulk. The files will be downloaded to your device neatly packed in your desired format. That is how CocoDoc enables you to convert to JPG, a large volume of files all at once.

Convert images easily - No need to cut away from the task at hand to search. You can make all your image conversions online in a matter of seconds.

Safety first - We value your trust when you're uploading your files to our platform. When you upload the file, we convert it in a safe and protected way with our encryption system.

Convert wherever you are - Open the CocoDoc JPEG to JPG converter. It works very equally and perfectly on both Mac and Windows, mobile or desktop, in the app, and the go.


Images play an important role on your Website, which is why selecting the proper file format and extension is recommended. Whether you convert JPG to JPEG or JPEG to JPG or other types of files such as PNG, CocoDoc's image converter is always there for your help to convert your images.