How to Convert Image (JPG) to Excel

We have long spoken about the ability of CocoDocs, an online Optical Character Recognition software, to convert PDFs into editable and searchable text. However, this software is now branching out into making it possible for its users to convert images in JPG format into editable, searchable and machine-readable text.

Why JPG To Excel Conversion is Needed?

There are numerous reasons why someone, anyone for that matter, would require to convert images into excel. These are just but a few:

  • At times, you may need to take records of financial data from records that are hard cover in nature on the go. At times like these that you may not have expected to do so, you may not even have a scanner at your disposal. Therefore, one smart way to go about it, would be to take a picture of the financial records from the hard copies. Then using optical character recognition software, convert these hard copies into excel format so that you are now free to search through this information, edit it and make further copies of it.
  • In other cases, you may be doing research in the field and you may come across raw data and information. In this instance also, you may have need to make a quick analysis of the information, and one of the quickest ways to analyse raw data is by using excel. Therefore, again, using whatever handheld device you may have at your disposal, you could capture the data in jpg format, then access online OCR software to convert this raw data into excel.
  • Sometimes you are not at your computer and you may need to create a spreadsheet database from paper sources that are dissimilar. Again, online OCR software will come in handy. So that instead of having to manually key in the information into an excel sheet, you can quickly whip out your smartphone, capture the data and then convert it into excel for further analysis.

How to Convert JPG Into Excel Within Seconds

There are a variety of online software that could be used to convert images into excel but these can generally be categorized into two kinds. The first kind of online tools require your email address before you can upload your images onto their platforms. The second of online tools do not require your email address. Most people prefer the convenience of those online tools that do not require their email address to save their mailboxes from spam letters.

Step 1: Launch the online tool from whatever kind of web browser that you may be using. Once the tool is opened, upload the image files onto the platform. A platform should allow you to either drag and drop the file onto their interface or to upload the file from any kind of cloud storage service such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

The platform that you are using will give you a limit of image size that your image should not exceed. This limit will vary depending on the online tool that you have selected.

Step 2: Once you have opened the file in question, click on the convert button that will allow you to change the image to excel at no cost.

Step 3: After you have converted the image into excel, the online OCR software will offer you the option to save your newly created editable and searchable excel file onto your device.

How to Convert in Different Types of Excel Formats

After you have used the jpg to excel converter online tool, you may require to have the excel file in a different format, such as in csv, xlsm, xltx ,xlsb formats. All you need to do is to open the newly converted excel file on your device, and select the 'Save as' button, then select the format in which you would prefer to have your excel sheet.


With the introduction of online OCR tools, there is no longer any need to manually enter information onto a spreadsheet. All you need to do is to use your smartphone to capture a picture of the data, and then utilize these OCR programs to convert the image to excel.