How to Convert/Change PNG to JPG

When it comes to images, there are several formats to pick from in saving to a digital copy. Each image format has its strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the correct format can be a big advantage. There is no one-size-fits-all for image formats. With various choices to save or export your images, the choice can seem difficult. Don't worry about how to convert PNG to JPG. This post will cover two of the most common file format choices, JPG vs. PNG, including what they are, when to use them, and why.

What's Different Between PNG and JPG?

The main difference between JPG and PNG is the compression algorithms that they use. JPG uses a lossy compression algorithm that cuts some of the image data to reduce the size of the file. In comparison, PNG uses a lossless algorithm that holds all the original image data. With PNG, the quality of the image will not break, but the size of the file will also be bigger. On the opposite hand, JPG images can be made very small, but the quality can degrade suddenly from a certain point.

Differences in short:

  • PNG is a lossless format while JPG is a lossy format.
  • PNG is better for created images while JPG is better for photographs.
  • JPG promotes the embedding of EXIF data while PNG does not.
  • PNG promotes transparency of image while JPG does not.

When Should Convert PNG to JPG?

Consider converting your image file from PNG to JPG if you want your image size smaller. There are multiple reasons you might want an image file to be cut down. PNG is in a group of high-quality image file types that hold all data and quality. However, Particularly for businesses, JPG is excellent because it plays an important role in developing websites.

When a business builds its online presence, it knows the value of keeping customers on the page. If a web page takes too long to load, the customer moves. This is why companies convert PNG files to JPG. It generates a more compressed image for websites, allowing older computers and slower internet users to view the site as well as others with excellent connections.

How to Convert PNG to JPG with CocoDoc?

You can use CocoDoc's PNG to JPG converter service to change or turn all your PDF pages into high-quality JPG images. Let's see how to convert PNG to JPG:

  • Step 1: Go to the CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter.
  • Step 2: Click on choose file to upload your PNG file then click on continue.
  • Step 3: Your file is converted into PDF format, download it by clicking download in the top right corner.
  • Step 4: Now, go to the CocoDoc's PDF to JPG converter.
  • Step 5: Upload that converted PDF in the converter and click on continue.
  • Step 6: Your JPG image is ready for download.

Why Convert PNG to JPG with CocoDoc?

CocoDoc image converter is an expert in many things, but our first core function is to convert each type of file format to another. The images with lossy compression that come out from the CocoDoc image converter can then be uploaded and shared online, with ease. It's also beneficial if you wish to save these images on devices with short storage capacities, such as older mobile devices or PCs.

So, all the above details are fine but the question is why to choose CocoDoc to convert PNG to JPG format. Here's the answer:

Fast and Easy Conversion - Make your PNG to JPG conversion simple and fast by uploading your file in the box. The format of the output file can be modified using different settings.

SSL Encryption - SSL encryption is used to make sure that your files are secured. Convert files without worrying about security because the files will be deleted from the server automatically after an hour.

Convert Images to PDF from Anywhere - This PNG to JPG converter allows you to convert your files from any PC, mobile, and tablet with any operating system you are using. All you need is an internet connection.

We Support Multiple Formats - CocoDoc presents you with a free online solution to convert your JPG files into a PDF document. Besides JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and other image files can also be converted with it.


Converting files is more important than most of us want to admit. There will surely be times in life that file conversions were easy, but it's a complicated process to complete without tools like CocoDoc. Sometimes you want to not only change the format of your image but add some improvements or modifications along the way. With CocoDoc image converter, you can edit, compress, and rotate your image.