Top 5 Converters for JPG to PDF Online

The most perfect JPG to PDF converters makes it plain and easy to convert images to PDF files. JPG and PDF are both popularly used file formats online, but sometimes you need to convert within them. Many times we see people striving with an easy task to convert JPG to PDF. Isn't it? Well, in this article we shall discover some of the easiest ways to do so that the task is completed within seconds and you do not have to spend hours over it. But to start with, let us focus to know why exactly do people want to convert JPG to PDF. Although there are several reasons to do so, the main purpose is that a PDF File is more secure than any other file format and restricts other parties from editing your file. Also, a PDF format contains many JPG Files which utilize a lot less space than single JPG Files. There are hundreds of converters, but we'll talk about the top 5 Converters for JPG to PDF Online.


Converting JPG to PDF using CocoDoc

If you don't like to install any software on your computer, you must choose CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter as the best option. Not only don't you need to worry about installations, but you can also use this tool from anywhere, your office, internet café, or home. If you use a laptop or mobile rather than a desktop computer, you can convert PNG to PDF online, from anywhere, under the state you have internet access. CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter is the tool you need in that state. It's the best JPG to PDF converter online. Convert your JPG to PDF absolutely free using this tool, you can turn your PNG files into PDF in just three simple steps.

Steps to Convert JPG to PDF with CocoDoc

CocoDoc runs on all the common browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Converting a JPG to a PDF with CocoDoc is much easier and comes with fewer steps. Here's the easiest route:

  • Step 1: Go to the CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter online and Upload the image you want to convert on the converter.
  • Step 2: Use the various settings available to set the letter size, orientation, margins if you want to edit your file and click on the 'Create PDF' button to convert the file.
  • Step 3: Download the converted PDF file on your device.

Tips about Converting JPG to PDF

The PDF is a vector file format and it is used popularly for printing or publishing high-quality content. You can print logos, documents, and different marketing brochures. When you save image files as PDF the quality may be lost. That sometimes results when you use online tools where you don't have any additional settings. Unlike online tools, some desktop programs such as CocoDoc JPG to PDF converter have elevated compression settings that you can adjust to get the best achievable result. However, CocoDoc is at the top of the list. It lets you create PDF files that can be converted to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, etc. These file types can be converted to PDF format as well. After the conversion is complete, you can edit, merge, and compress the PDF file.

Advantages of Using CocoDoc to Convert JPG to PDF

CocoDoc converter is one of the most popular tools that can be used to convert a broad variety of documents over the web without actually installing any software. With this free JPG to PDF converter online, you can easily convert JPG to PDF online and save the output on your computer to be used whenever you want. Click on the "JPG to PDF" button and simply upload the JPEG image from the storage area where the file is placed then convert it to PDF and this is so simple. It is essential to note that the quality of the PDF after conversion is top-notch and standard and can be viewed by any PDF reader. CocoDoc is a very powerful tool and it is available on all platforms. You should always choose CocoDoc for converting files because:

CocoDoc is the best free JPG to PDF converter online - CocoDoc, a free online JPG to PDF converter, allows you to change the format of JPG, PNG, and other images into PDF in no time. It is easy to use and secure.

CocoDoc performs fast and easy conversions - Make your IMG to PDF conversion easy and quick by dragging your file in the toolbox. The format of the output file can be adjusted using various settings.

CocoDoc online JPG to PDF converter has SSL encryption - SSL encryption is used to make sure that your files are protected. Convert images without worrying about security because the files will be removed automatically after an hour.

CocoDoc can convert JPG to PDF online anywhere - This image to PDF converter allows you to convert your files from any device and operating system you are using. You just need the Internet for free conversion.

Editing features - CocoDoc's online JPG to PDF converter can edit, compress, split, rotate, number pages, and can add watermarks to your pages. In short, CocoDoc has more than the basic features that an online JPG to PDF converter includes.


Converting JPGs to PDF with HiPDF is straightforward and includes the option to merge files into an individual PDF or generate single PDFs for each JPG. When merging JPGs, you can simply reset the files into the order you want. After the files are merged, you have a wealth of tools on your screen for editing your new PDF. Besides, PDFs are reliable to use, unlike most image file formats, we can easily password protect PDF files with secure encryption. HiPDF has its very own Protect PDF tool to help you secure your PDF files. HiPDF allows conversion for a wider range of different file formats than JPGs, so it can be your go-to tool for converting all types of files to and from the PDF format.


The site converts all your JPG to PDF online even if they are saved in your Dropbox or Google Drive. Any user simply has to drag and drop the images in a box on the site and then order them according to how they need them to appear in the PDF. The site supports various image formats and easily converts them. Also, SmallPDF supports the numerous OS platforms available and removes the files from its servers after an hour. Using Smallpdf to convert JPG to PDF is like a quick bite. You simply upload the JPGs, re-arrange their order as you want it to, and click on Create PDF Now. There are some features for setting page size and margins, as well as an editor where you can add text and patterns, but nothing like the advanced editing tools of other PDF conversion tools.


Jpg2Pdf is also a good PDF tool to convert/compress and edit PDF Files. It does the work in a hassle-free way and provides you the option to upload your JPG File from the PC/Google Drive/Dropbox. The tool can convert your JPG files to PDF quickly. It also has the advantage of merging several JPG images into a single PDF. Its main advantage is that it does not have any restrictions for the file size of the images, there is no registration needed and it does not add watermarks to your files. The service it grants focuses on your JPG image and rotates it, optimizes, and scales down the images but assures the original image quality is kept.


It is also a good tool as it provides the easy conversion of JPG images to PDF efficiently. The converter has some features such as editing, merging, converting, and unlocking. After uploading the JPG file, you should click on convert file to turn it into a PDF. The file will now be converted and the limit must not exceed 100Mb. Online2PDF offers a Standard plan which includes a lot of features including annotating, editing, forms, exporting, and PDF file conversion. The Pro plan adds editable form fields, OCR, and batch processing of documents, you'll need the Pro version for extra.


There are many benefits of using these tools for your JPG to PDF solutions. These online tools also provide a dedicated team of customer care who will lead you on how to use the tool efficiently and how to pay for the tool using their secure payment systems. Online JPG to PDF converter has some benefits that can guard your file with a password, allow digital signatures for your ease in signing documents, and annotate your document for underlining and highlighting a particular part of the document. And finally, to clarify how you work with PDFs, we've made sure that our online tools are compatible with all devices and operating systems. You can easily convert PNG to PDF on Mac, Windows, Linux, and on your mobile phones.